Tillerson Delivers Farewell Statement Jam-Packed With Not-So-Subtle Jabs at Trump

Chelsea West
March 14, 2018

"We just ignore them", he told me, "and get on with the job". "I guess he thought it was OK".

CIA Director Mike Pompeo may have developed personal chemistry with President Donald Trump by delivering his crucial morning intelligence briefings, praising him publicly and embracing his hard-line views on issues ranging from North Korea to Iran.

"Pompeo was a hawk on Iran". Inside the cabinet, Pompeo argued against certifying Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal while Tillerson made the case for not rocking the boat.

Pompeo, a former member of Congress, may prove more adept at winning friends on Capitol Hill.

Director Mike Pompeo testifies during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on "Worldwide Threats" on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, U.S., February 13, 2018. "They see a domineering leader who retains the final word on all decision-making and whose subordinates are guided by the leader and not vice versa".

According to a Japanese government source, Trump and Tillerson are said to have been at odds with each other over how to deal with North Korea. "Aside from the loss of senior diplomat Joe Yun, the designate for Under Secretary of State for East Asia/Pacific Susan Thornton now has a big question mark around her since Tillerson [for once] fought hard to get a talented career official nominated to this key job". In his first visit to Moscow previous year, he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin what he wanted from the U.S. -Russia relationship and on what areas the two countries could cooperate.

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After firing Tillerson, Trump reportedly told the United Kingdom he supported the push to press Russian Federation for answers over the poisoning. He has also criticized special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the election and potential ties to his campaign.

"Pompeo may be more effective at running State than his predecessor, but he is not prepared to manage the regional or global policy coordination needed to help the summit with Kim succeed", he said.

Pompeo is being replaced by his deputy Gina Haspel, who will become the first female Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Pompeo recently warned that North Korea was "a handful of months" away from being able to carry out an attack on the United States with a nuclear-tipped missile. Between 2003 and 2005, she oversaw a secret CIA prison in Thailand where terror suspects Abu Zubayadah and Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri were waterboarded, current and former US intelligence officials told the Associated Press. Two administration officials however tell me that this did not mean Tillerson was out of the loop on the planning over the weekend.

"Expect Pompeo to play a protagonist's role in avoiding the entrapment of previous USA administration engagements with North Korea by holding absolutely firm on the United States' desired end state -denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and an end to the North Korea ballistic missile program".

The Secretary of State went on record to say that he favoured talks with the North. Trump retorted: "Don't waste your time". After hours of bureaucratic tug-of-war, Tillerson, in his final somber turn before the cameras, said he would be delegating his responsibilities to deputy secretary John Sullivan at the end of the workday and would resign effective at the end of the month.

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