Apple May Axe iTunes For A 'Spotify-esque' Model

Emilio Banks
March 10, 2018

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Metro found a leaked Apple document that spelled doom for the bundled extras. The email supposedly stated that "Apple will no longer accept new submissions of iTunes LPs after March 2018", and that "existing LPs will be deprecated from the store during the remainder of 2018".

The Verge reports that while there will be no more submissions accepted, existing ones that you've bought will still work as always.

A small yet colorful part of the iTunes Store will be history by year's end.

iTunes LP (referred to in pre-launch press by the code name Cocktail) is a format for interactive album artwork introduced by Apple Inc. on September 9, 2009. According to an internal Apple email obtained by Metro, Apple will stop taking iTunes LP submissions this month. Your iTunes LP will be reviewed by iTunes for quality and appropriate content. Fans of the format need not worry, as all the iTunes LPs they've purchased thus far will still be available on their library. "Customers who have previously purchased an album containing an iTunes LP will still be able to download the additional content using iTunes Match", it says. In light of the leaked email, Mulligan affirms "it tells us where the market is going".

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The iTunes LP news comes just days after reports surfaced about Apple Music rival Spotify preparing to go public. But its existence has only been highlighted now through a report by the United Kingdom newspaper The Metro.

Although, it does lend strength to the argument that the days of paying for individual downloads may soon come to an end and be replaced completely by the Apple Music subscription model.

The decision represents a natural course of action for Apple to keep on focusing on its streaming service, especially with the rise of music subscription over purchasing albums individually.

For a while now, iTunes has been the butt of many jokes for years.

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