Spring time change is Sunday

Marie Harrington
March 9, 2018

Then when spring time arrives we "spring forward" an hour, and we have to deal with whole new set of problems.

Daylight Saving Time was established as "a way of conserving fuel needed for war industries and of extending the working day", the Library of Congress explained in a post online, adding the move was temporary.

Next week is National Sleep Week and we'll be hearing more from Dr. Rummel on healthy sleep habits and why they are so important but for now start adjusting the time change now.

Germany was the first country to enact daylight saving time during World War I. The United Kingdom soon followed suit and introduced "summer time".

Soem other states do not observe daylight savings time.

We got back to standard time on November 5. Hawaii and Arizona do not take part in daylight savings time mostly because the two get ample sunlight.

Standard time and the four USA time zones, it should be emphasized, were not decreed by government, but were established by the railroads early on to coordinate train departure and arrival times. Florida needs permission from Congress to secede from the union of time-shifters.

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However, the Navajo Nation in the northeast quarter of the state does observe daylight-saving time.

"Spring forward and fall back" is an easy way to remember how to set the clock when daylight saving times begins and ends.

When do the clocks change in 2018?

Arizona and Hawaii will not.

According to the Better Sleep Council, 39-percent of folks are in worse moods following the time change. But overall, it would mean more time in the sun. Hoosiers in rural areas said "changing the clock at all is considered "unnatural" and "unhealthy for cows" at one point in the debate, as IndyStar.com has it.

One year following Willett's advocating and lobbying for daylight saving time, Sir Robert Pearce introduced a bill in the House of Commons to make it mandatory to adjust the clocks.

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