WMNF Celebrates International Women's Day on the airwaves

Chelsea West
March 8, 2018

International Women's Day is a global celebration of the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women. It was in the Soviet Russia of 1917 however, when 8 March was declared a national holiday, after women gained the right to vote in elections.

Take a Selfie visually showing your #PressForProgress Pose to create thunderclap to get IWD and #PressForProgress trending, and the social conversation started. So, she deserves much more respect, care and safety, but not just on International Women's Day, but every single day.

For women in North America, current experiences are perhaps better captured in the explanation on the UN Women website that IWD 2018 "comes on the heels of unprecedented global movement for women's rights, equality and justice".

The following year on March 19, 1911 IWD was marked for the first time, by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. It was moved to March 8 in 1913 and was recognized by the United Nations in 1975.

Happy Women's Day! You deserve to be happy today so enjoy your day to the fullest.

"But there is still more work to be done so that our content reflects the Australian population, so women are equally represented in the stories we tell, the experts we interview and the comedians who make us laugh".

The history of all times and of today most especially has taught that the women will be forgotten if they also forget to think of themselves. The Women's Day site offers downloadable resources for teachers and parents such as activity booklets and fact sheets. "We can not ignore the enormous consequences this has on women, families, communities, societies and the economy - we need to make sure that violence against women becomes a problem of the past and for this we need to speak out".

International Women's Day 2018 theme is "Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women's lives".

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For many the answer is a no brainer, but there will be some who will question it. Many activists within global and Latin American women's movements credit the United Nations and its declarations and conferences for improvements in women's rights and addressing gender discrimination.

In addition, 32 percent women identified "not easily considered for top management roles" as one of the top challenges while only 13 percent men agree.

The campaign theme continues all year with March 8 simply the kickoff for the campaign.

"Narrowing the gender gap can help drive growth and improve the lives of many families, which is why IFC and its partners have joined forces to strengthen women's participation in the private sector as employees, entrepreneurs, consumers, and leaders", said Jan van Bilsen, IFC Regional Manager for the South Caucasus.

Have a great Women's Day 2017.

What is this year's theme?

Ira Gupta, Head HR, Microsoft India told BW Businessworld, "Microsoft doubled the maternity leave for women employees to six months more than a year before the legislation came into place".

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