Jeff Sessions condemns California sanctuary laws in fiery immigration speech

Marie Harrington
March 8, 2018

JOE SKIPPER/REUTERS/NewscomThe Department of Justice is suing California to block the enforcement of state laws that it says impede the feds' efforts to expel illegal immigrants. This announcement comes a week after ICE agents arrested more than 230 undocumented people throughout California.

"Here's my message to Mayor Schaaf: 'How dare you!'" the attorney general said.

Sessions criticized Mayor Libby Schaaf in a speech Wednesday to law enforcement officials after he sued California over laws that restrict cooperation with USA immigration authorities. Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, Oregon and Vermont have state sanctuary laws, as do more than 300 municipalities across the country.

Brown and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra are directly named in the suit - and are ready for the fight.

The 10 amendment of the U.S. Constitution "provides California with the right to decline to participate in civil immigration enforcement", Becerra said. California has the opportunity to flip Congress to a Democratic majority, and California is at the center of the administration's backwards immigration policy.

That is to say, the law tells businesses that they can not let these feds wander around on their property and look through their stuff unless they have warrants.

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California's state laws protecting people in the U.S. illegally have been a direct response to Mr Trump's harsh immigration policies and promises. California legislature and the governor by signing the bill, put us on a position that we have to go to court.

Supporters of the laws argue they make communities safer by encouraging undocumented victims of crime to come forward without fear of being detained. Brown told the AG that "political stunts" like those work in Washington, not California.

"California, we have a problem", Sessions said in a speech to law enforcement officials Wednesday, The New York Times reports.

It requires a court warrant before an immigrant can be transferred from local to federal custody and bars local law enforcement officers from asking about individuals' immigration status during routine interactions.

A week after conducting widespread immigration sweeps throughout California, the Trump administration sued Gov. He accused Sessions of "going to war" with California to appease President Donald Trump.

The Justice Department, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has threatened to withdraw federal funding support for jurisdictions which act as sanctuaries. And recently, Mary Louise, the mayor in Oakland, Calif., issued a warning to the immigrant community there that the feds were planning a big raid. Sessions had called that bill "unconscionable". Immigrants have not been the mass murderers - we grow those crazies right here in America - and Sessions wouldn't dare file suit against the NRA to stop and desist in lobbying the government, because he is afraid of them. The 23 sanctuary cities that were hit with a subpoena by Sessions have responded and are being reviewed on a rolling basis, officials said. He will be speaking at the annual gathering of the California Peace Officers' Association.

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