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Emilio Banks
March 5, 2018

Dafoe gave the film a believable grounding with its cast of mostly untrained actors.

Two other movies are also tipped to take home three Oscars apiece. And if you want to watch all of it, but aren't near a TV, well, it might take some work. However, I see it as unlikely at this point.

There will be a flood of Canadian nominees from "The Shape of Water" at tonight's Academy Awards.

Also nominated is the animated film "The Breadwinner", which is a Canadian co-production.

While fans of Guillermo del Toro do not roundly consider the merman gothic fairy tale "The Shape of Water" his best picture - many rank it behind "The Devil's Backbone" and "Pan's Labyrinth" - all the momentum is there to secure him the win.

There is an exceptional amount of excitement for the film "Call Me by Your Name", and for good reason, it was a really good movie.

Category Snub: Best Picture is open to 10 slots, but the Academy only picked nine films. Ivory, at age 89, is a giant in the art house-cinema world, and though the film was lauded, I think this award will be a bit of a lifetime achievement for the writer.

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"So, I think that argument has pretty well jumped out the window".

"Mudbound" director Dee Rees is the first black woman nominated for best adapted screenplay, while her director of photography Rachel Morrison is the first woman to be nominated for best cinematography. McDonagh is a force of nature with his pen, as an extremely accomplished screenwriter and playwright. Sally Hawkins and Margot Robbie were great in their respective films but no one came close to McDormand for me. The horror film with an effective social commentary was just too much of a sensation for it to not win anything this year. It will be interesting to see how the Academy has eventually voted. If you don't wish to get up early on Monday, you can catch a repeat telecast at 8:30pm IST. Unfortunately, it is now very hard for a documentary to rise to the top of the heap and find a larger, general audience.

Of all the films nominated for Oscars this year, "Get Out" nearly certainly had the most impact, with its unapologetic message (white liberals are racist too), box office success ($255 million worldwide on a $4.5 million budget), and four Oscar nominations, including best picture, actor and director, a stunning haul for an edgy comedy-horror picture. Often a wise, warm, empathic onscreen presence, the 58-year-old Janney as LaVona was caustic and cruel, and nearly upstaged by the pet bird that sat on her shoulder, pecking at her, for one extended, wickedly amusing scene. Rockwell is a master at playing unpredictable, unhinged men, and, because his Dixon undergoes a transformation - which is catnip for academy voters - he was able to show his range.

"I think that it's nearly necessary now". The film leads in total nominations with 13, and the PGA's Best Picture award has often meant good things on Oscar night.

Who will win: Three Billboards looks like a good shout here given its momentum. The Producers Guild of America and Directors Guild both named "The Shape of Water" as the best picture and so will I. But, this is a new world we are in, and if previous year proved anything, it is that we can't predict exclusively on past wins. On the other hand, "Shape" was far less divisive, and, unlike "Three Billboards", landed a directing nomination.

Jonah Crismore is programming director at the Embassy Theatre and a movie buff.

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