Android P will restrict background apps from accessing the camera

Bill Rogers
February 22, 2018

"With Google Pay, it'll be easier for Singaporeans to use the payment information saved to their Google Accounts, so they can speed through checkout with peace of mind".

Google is working on a new Android P feature that will prevent background apps from accessing a user's both the camera and microphone without the knowledge. However, for the moment, that option continues to be a part of Google Wallet, which has been rebranded as Google Pay Send. Meanwhile, the "Cards" tab is where the user's credit and debit cards are stored, along with their loyalty programs, offers, and gift cards. It would seem that Google Pay will be stretched out to all Google items, which goes past Android. It may stick around "for a few months", which is how long Google reckons it will take to fold P2P payments into Google Pay.

Google Android's next-in-line operating system (OS), Android P, will reportedly prevent background apps from accessing a device's camera and microphone. Google Pay can be used for transit in locations like Portland, London, and Kiev. For example, users in the United States or UK should be able to send and request money in the next few months.

Further, XDA Developers notes that by not cutting the apps completely from the microphones, Google wants to ensure that the apps don't come up with a new way to bypass the new protection. If you have the Android Pay app on your phone already, all you have to do it wait for the update to hit, as Google Pay has already replaced the Android Pay app, and you will see the changes that Google has made to the app with the rebranding.

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It is understandable if an app created to record audio requests microphone permissions, but when you have a flashlight app that's requesting camera and location access, it should set off some flags. We know this is going to be a service that many people will use, especially as more stores accept it.

If you're shopping at a physical store, look for a sign that "GPay" is supported, or an NFC terminal.

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It will be nice once all of the integration is completed since using one app over using three different apps is definitely a good thing.

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