The longest match in WWE Raw history took place last night

Emilio Banks
February 20, 2018

In the process, he built some momentum for himself ahead of Sunday's Elimination Chamber main event. Finally, he says that he's turning Raw back into Monday Night Rollins and he wants to be the man again...

Rollins showed superb conditioning and inspirational resiliency as he combatted the former world champions, knocking them off in succession before succumbing to a focused and tenacious Elias and a hampering knee injury. Braun Strowman was eventually the victor. With the Drift Away locked in and the legendary performance of Rollins done for the night, it was time for Finn Balor to throw his considerable skill into the ring as he targeted the bruised ribs of the maniacal troubador with a flawless Coup De Grace that eliminated him.

Gauntlet Match: Match #5: The Miz (with The Miztourage) def. Finn Balor by pin following the Skull Crushing Finale to advance.

This week on Raw, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, The Miz, Elias and Finn Balor faced off in a gauntlet match and in the end it was Strowman who picked up the big victory when he defeated The Miz. This means that the first person in the match would have to go through a number of other men in order to win but the last person only has to win one match.

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Is Asuka ready for Nia Jax?

Non-Title: Titus Worldwide (with Dana Brooke) def. Cesaro & Sheamus by Apollo rolling up Cesaro. The two would go a full 20 minutes, with Rollins eventually defeating Reigns with a roll up pin. Tapping out, Absolution then pounced on the battered ring warriors and looked ready to demolish Bliss.

After Banks submitted Bliss, DeVille and Rose backed Bliss into a corner before she was rescued by veteran Mickie James.

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