Israeli Court Extends Detention of Palestinian Teen to March

Emilio Banks
February 15, 2018

But Ahed Tamimi's supporters see a fearless girl who struck two armed soldiers outside her West Bank home in frustration after having just learned that Israeli troops seriously wounded a 15-year-old cousin, shooting him in the head from close range with a rubber bullet during nearby stone-throwing clashes.

Israel is violating the worldwide Convention on the Rights of the Child by detaining a Palestinian teenager for slapping an Israeli soldier, United Nations human rights experts said on Tuesday.

The judge in the case ousted from the courtroom all journalists who had gathered at Ofer Military Base despite the request of Tamimi's lawyer for the press to observe the trial.

The judge ruled that open proceedings would not be in the interest of the 17-year-old, who is being tried as a minor.

"The court chose to close the doors because they think that it's not good for Ahed".

Ahed, who turned 17 behind bars last month, was denied bail by the military court judge and stands little chance of winning her case as such courts have a 99 percent conviction rate. "It about time they will understand that people like her have to be in jail and not allowed to incite racism and subversion against the state of Israel". In one, taken when she was 12, she is raising a clenched fist at a soldier who towers over her. Images of her standing hands on hips and staring down an Israeli soldier were plastered on London bus stops calling for her release.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl was most recently given a special tribute courtesy Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick, the man responsible for the iconic black and red Che Guevara poster. She has been compared to Rosa Parks and Joan of Arc.

Outside court, Tamimi's lawyer Gaby Lasky said her family wanted the case to be heard in public.

"It's the moment of Trump, the moment that nobody knows what to do", he said.

Some commentators claim that what is disproportionate is the global attention devoted to the incident, even suggesting that it was a cynical ploy meant to distract world public opinion due to the failure of Hamas to deliver on its call for a third intifada in response to Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and so move the U.S. Embassy.

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Ahed Tamimi is the more aggressive of the two in the video. Since 2009, residents there have staged regular anti-occupation protests that often ended with stone-throwing clashes. The villagers accuse Israel of stealing their land and spring for a nearby settlement. Ahed has been detained twice under the same circumstances. "We looked at the Tamimis". This cynical and cruel use of children constitutes abuse. He says if the trial raises her profile, it's a price that needs to be paid. For Palestinians, the young teen is a symbol of resistance to Israeli occupation, but many Israelis regard her as a violent troublemaker seeking publicity. Those on the left lauded the soldier's restraint, but right-wingers called for action.

The Israeli military trial of a Palestinian teenager charged after a viral video showed her hitting two soldiers in the occupied West Bank began behind closed doors. Given that Wonder Woman is in the news and Gal Gadot is an ex-Israeli IDF, I thought, "There is a real Wonder Woman, and it's this kid". If charged as an adult, she could face 10 years in prison. During clashes with Israeli forces, Tamimi's 14-year-old cousin, Mohammed, was shot in the head at close range by an Israeli soldier.

"Ahed Tamimi, to me, signifies nobility in the face of oppression".

She said she is still waiting to receive case material from the prosecutor, and that her client did not enter a plea.

Meanwhile, Israel has clamped down on access for pro-Palestinian activists. Bassem also told ISM about the poor conditions of Ahed's imprisonment, but said that his daughter was still strong despite her treatment. She was arrested at her home December 19 in the middle of the night and has been in detention ever since. She was denied bail at her hearing last month, with the prosecution arguing that she was unsafe and posed a risk of absconding.

The Israeli army has yet to issue an official statement on the arrests. "But although painful, it's definitely put a spotlight on Palestinian children in detention".

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Israel has ratified, states that minors can only be deprived of liberty as a last resort and for the shortest appropriate time, said Michael Lynk, a United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, in a statement. The prosecution read the 12 charges against Ahed, to which she declined to respond. He later had a section of his skull removed and is recovering at home.

Only Ahed's family and lawyers were allowed to stay.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett has said Nur and Ahed should finish their lives in prison. "Whoever goes wild during the day, will be arrested at night".

"While our struggles may be unique, the parallels can not be ignored", they add, noting that United States police, border patrol and other law enforcement "train with Israeli soldiers, police, and border agents, utilizing similar repressive profiling tactics to target and harass our communities".

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