Matt and Becca Hamilton eliminated from mixed doubles curling

Sheri Evans
February 11, 2018

The Hamiltons, a brother and sister combo who hail from McFarland, started off the games last night with a 9-3 win over the Olympic Athletes from Russian Federation, but have come up short since, also falling to Canada 6-4. "I was forced to go watch him in the championship final down at the curling club and after the final, his coach pulled me out on the ice and I've never looked back since".

This member of Team USA has a cartoon doppelganger.

In the case of a four-way tie, it was unclear Saturday on whether or not the US would have to play a tiebreaker match, but even if they won that match they would not reach the playoffs.

The siblings credit their success with the ability to be "brutally honest" with each other during games.

"If I were playing with someone I have a strictly professional relationship with, I don't know how they're going to take constructive criticism", Matt said. "They made more shots".

"You're ready to go and you can be ready to shoot when your shot comes and it's just one of those things, like a tic that I do before I throw", Matt said. And they talk straight with each other, with no hard feelings.

"To be able to slide over the Olympic rings and to feel as though we're part of something historic is really powerful and special", said Lawes. "We're a lot closer now than we were before curling".

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Matt said it's nice to not have to sugarcoat anything with his sister, and she's good with constructive criticism. She's the calm to my storm.

"We just need to continue to grow and get more comfortable with the ice, play up little by little, and just try and hope we get enough wins in the round robin to qualify for the playoff". "When she really disagrees, she gets the ultimate veto power. I make any of them and we're in a good position".

"Reverse psychology", Becca finished with a mischievous grin.

On Wednesday night, in the Olympics' first-ever match of mixed doubles curling, a brother-sister team from Madison, Wisconsin, beat a Russian husband-and-wife team competing in neutral uniforms with no national insignia.

"Definitely the sibling bond", Matt announced.

"I can't divorce my sister", he told Reuters.

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