British IS fighter who crucified victims caught

Marie Harrington
February 10, 2018

The other two members of the terror group known as the Beatles were Mohammed Emwazi aka Jihadi John, who was killed in a USA airstrike in 2015, and Aine Davis who was captured in 2015 and convicted of terrorism charges in Turkey past year.

He was caught as he attempted to cross the border into Turkey as Syrian Democratic Forces pursued the militants in Syria.

Aine Davis is being detained in Turkey on terror charges, while El-Shafee el-Sheikh is also believed to be held by the SDF.

They are sought by the USA as members of a group, known as the Beatles due to their English accents, that murdered two American journalists. The IS group cell was behind a series of videotaped beheadings.

"We captured some big commanders".

Khalil told The Associated Press that Kotey, who was known among the extremists as Abu Saleh, was detained by an anti-terrorism unit of the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces in the northern Raqqa province, once an IS stronghold.

"It's hugely significant for a lot of the Western countries who had hostages who were captured by Islamic State", he said.

Despite the fact the cell murdered two Britons - Mr Haines and fellow aid worker Alan Henning, the security source said it was "pretty unlikely" the men would be brought to the UK.

The US official did not give any information on the condition of the two or what would happen to them.

She later told BBC Scotland that she personally would have wanted the men to die a "slow, painful death". "It doesn't bring James back, but hopefully it protects others from this kind of crime", she added.

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The pair's arrest follows a four-month SDF-spearheaded operation that culminated in mid-October with the retaking of Raqqa, which had been the inner sanctum of the "caliphate" declared by IS in 2014.

"We think that he was a member of a group that has been torturing foreign hostages", the Kurdish official said.

Along with Elsheikh and Kotey, the "Beatles" group consisted of two others - the infamous executioner Mohammed Emwazi, nicknamed "Jihadi John", and Aine Davis, who is now being held in Turkey.

Asked if they would be prosecuted and if so where they might face trial Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway said: "We are still considering options regarding el-Sheikh and Kotey, but rest assured our intention is to hold anyone accountable who commits acts like those they are alleged to have committed".

USA officials have pledged to hold the terrorists accountable, with a Defence Department spokesman adding that they were "still considering options" for what to do with the pair. The State Department, in imposing sanctions on Kotey past year, said he likely engaged in executions and torture, including electronic shock and waterboarding, and recruited several British nationals to IS. Britain's Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson told The Times newspaper: "These are people who have done absolutely vile and despicable crimes and brought absolutely so much misery. It is good that they have been hunted down".

"The first thought was relief, finally to know that the people that were involved in my dad's murder have been caught and will sort of serve some justice", she told Britain's ITV television.

Ms Haines said she would like them to be "locked up with the key thrown away" and is hopeful their capture will bring closure to bereaved families.

Tobias Ellwood, a British defence minister, said yesterday the pair should face an worldwide war crimes tribunal and not be sent to Guantanamo Bay as some have speculated will occur.

"Given the scale of foreign fighters, we should consider an agreed global process involving The Hague", he told The Daily Telegraph newspaper. The Daily Telegraph newspaper said it understood that Britain would not hinder any moves to extradite the pair to the United States.

The last two men believed to be responsible for the executions of several western hostages have been captured by US-backed forces in Syria.

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