United Nations agrees sanctioned N.Korea official to attend Olympics

Marie Harrington
February 9, 2018

South Koreans wave unification flags as North Korea's Mangyongbong-92 ferry carrying North Korea's members of art troupe approaching to Mukho Port in Donghae, South Korea, Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018.

"We're headed to the Olympics, and there may be a possibility for any kind of an encounter with North Koreans, whether it be informal or whether it take the form of a meeting", Pence told reporters in Japan before setting off for South Korea.

The young women crossed the Demilitarised Zone on Wednesday (local time) between the two countries to cheer athletes from both sides.

1 of 9 North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, right, and his wife Ri Sol Ju arrive at a military parade in Pyongyang on February 8, 2018.

Each wore a stunning red coat with matching fur hats, collars and cuffs.

Before leaving Japan for South Korea, Pence said the United States would not be duped by any false overture.

Before departing for Korea, Pence announced that the USA would unveil in coming days "the toughest and most aggressive round of economic sanctions on North Korea ever".

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Fireworks went off as Mr Kim Jong Un watched the display with his wife Ri Sol Ju and the ceremonial head of state Kim Yong Nam, who will head Pyongyang's delegation to the Olympics. "And we will continue to isolate North Korea until it abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile program once and for all".

The meeting on Saturday, Feb. 10, will include lunch, the president's office told Yonhap.

In 2000, her father, Kim Jong Il, held a summit meeting in North Korea with Kim Dae-jung, then South Korea's president, but did not keep his promise to visit for a second meeting.

South Korean activists protested Thursday as a North Korean orchestra gave a sold-out performance on the eve of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.


Members of delegations are also carefully screened by North Korea. "We will not allow North Korea to hide behind the Olympic banner the reality that they enslave their people and threaten the wider region", he added.

Pence told reporters that despite disagreements over how to approach North Korea, the state of the alliance between the USA and South Korea is "strong".

She was placed on the U.S. Treasury's specially designated nationals list in January 2017 because of human rights abuses. "We will have to wait and see exactly how that unfolds", he said. "Those who dare raise their voices in dissent are imprisoned, tortured and even murdered, and their children and grandchildren are routinely punished for their family's sins against the state".

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