Dead Rising Maker Capcom Vancouver Announces Layoffs

Bill Rogers
February 8, 2018

Capcom has since confirmed that their Vancouver studio was hit with layoffs "as part of its regular periodic assessment" in regards to upcoming projects and Capcom's goals for the studio. If Capcom makes another game that performs like Dead Rising 4, there could be another round of layoffs.

Today, from the first hour, Kotaku reported that Capcom Vancouver had undergone a restructuring and, according to a reliable source of which the name was not disclosed in order not to jeopardize his work, around 50 workers were dismissed. The previous two Dead Rising games, Dead Rising 3 and Dead Rising 4, strayed away from the previous formula of the two entries of the title. These early details are subject to change, though, as the game was described as a "very early prototype", and one that hadn't been put into production by Capcom yet. This would mean that 20 percent of staff were laid off as opposed to 30 percent. The spokesperson also reaffirmed that the studio is "dedicated to its flagship Dead Rising series". As has the scope of the Dead Rising 5.

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There is not a lot of information about the unnamed cancelled project, but it is said to have been an adventure in third-person perspective that was set on an alternative version of New York City. Capcom Vancouver's mobile game of a year ago, Puzzle Fighter, will still be developed, and any other projects being worked on by the company will still be in development. Best wishes to all who are affected.

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