White House withdraws controversial nominee to head Council on Environmental Quality

Marie Harrington
February 5, 2018

The White House plans to withdraw its controversial nomination of Kathleen Hartnett-White to lead the Council on Environmental Quality, HuffPost has confirmed.

Despite the fact that she functioned as a best controller heading the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Jim Marston of the Environmental Defense Fund disclosed to Buchele that Hartnett White emerges for a "bizarre" resistance to directions. President Trump resubmitted White's nomination in January.

The Washington Post first reported the plans late Saturday. The White House council coordinates federal environmental policy and actions among agencies and with states.

The most up-to-date scientific assessment on climate change, released by the Trump administration in November, found that the world's oceans have absorbed "about 93 percent of the excess heat caused by greenhouse gas warming since the mid-20th century, making them warmer and altering global and regional climate feedbacks".

She made similar arguments in a book she co-wrote in 2016, titled "Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy", as well as in numerous essays questioning climate change, including one a year ago in which she called President Barack Obama's efforts to slow global warming by reducing carbon emissions "deluded and illegitimate".

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White came under fire for her past remarks about climate change.

. "Carbon dioxide has none of the characteristics of a pollutant that could harm human health".

Democrats and environmental activists hailed the decision to pull the nomination.

Withdrawing White's name may clear the way for Senate consideration of other environmental nominees. Refering to mysterious organization authorities, the Post says Harnett's designation couldn't win enough good help, "with some Senate Republicans bringing up issues about her aptitude".

The Texas Public Policy Foundation, a free-market think tank where White serves as a senior fellow, also could not be reached.

While advancing a book she co-wrote in 2016, Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy, Hartnett White commended non-renewable energy source vitality for doing "work that we generally would need to do [ourselves]".

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