'Westworld' Season 2 Trailer

Emilio Banks
February 5, 2018

A new, highly anticipated trailer for Westworld season 2 debuted during Super Bowl LII. HBO's official Twitter account has resumed all motor functions and started promoting Westworld Season 2.

Hale references the "Journey into Night" unveiling of the new Westworld narrative. That's not the only pretty penny they played: the trailer uses a cover of Kanye West's "Famous".

But then things get, you know, creepy and fantastic.

The Super Bowl will air February 4 on NBC. That first season centered on a complicated, twisty story that unfolded in multiple timelines but didn't always let viewers know it took place in multiple timelines.

For now, we'll probably watch the trailer again.

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We still have a few months until Westworld Season 2 drops. Westworld has all the makings of a show that can carry the torch for Thrones but we'll have to see if the momentum will pick back up when it returns in the spring. No, she's not striding through a sea of bulls in a magnificent poncho.

It appears that the robots are taking over Westworld as Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores narrates the spot with a tone flawless for a travel advertisement. Logan looks surprised, Dolores less so.

Revealing more than just a glimpse at the upcoming episodes, the spot finally gave fans a date to mark down on their calendars since the second season will premiere on Aprill 22 of this year.

We had already seen some of the footage when HBO released a teaser during Comic-Con.

The drama series, which turned out to be an enormous smash when it first aired on the network, is going to be officially premiering on Sunday, April 22.

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