Windows 10 Finally Overtakes Windows 7: Why Did It Take So Long?

Bill Rogers
February 4, 2018

However, there could be a number of factors that could result in Win 10 surpassing the 7 one of them might be game developer pushing for Win 10 64-bit as a recommended spec for their games.

Nonetheless, the latest figure is a milestone for Windows 10 which is said to be the last version of Windows even as the company will continue to upgrade it with new features. Typically, though, the LTSC versions lack frequently updated apps, such as Microsoft's preinstalled apps (the Edge browser, Cortana, Store, et cetera).

In yesterday's support article update, Microsoft said the beta apps for the next version of Office will arrive in the second quarter of this year, with the final version due in the second half of 2018. Nearly two years later Microsoft only managed to bring Windows 10 to 600 million active devices.

Windows 10 has become the most used Microsoft operating system (OS) globally, overtaking Windows 7, according to StatCounter.

Starting April 1, Microsoft will be expanding its current low-end Windows 10 Home edition into three different variants: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Home in S Mode and Windows 10 Home Advanced, says Paul Thurrott, citing internal Microsoft documents he says he's seen.

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The desktop Office suite will be supported for quite a while to come for the simple reason that despite the fact that Microsoft, Google et al, would like you to think that cloud alternatives are better, there'll always be a market for the apps.

Office 2019 will get the usual period of standard support, but just two years of extended support. That schedule seems a bit faster than what had been announced back in November.

Microsoft is also extending its Windows 10 support for enterprise and education customers running certain versions of the operating system. Well yesterday, Microsoft posted an article where they gave more information about Office 2019.

Doubtless there are many individual users out there who won't appreciate the prodding. Office 2019 won't follow the traditional Fixed Lifecycle Support policy as expected (that is, five years of mainstream support and five years of extended support).

On average, a release took about three years from inception to completion but only about six to nine months of that time was spent developing "new" code.

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