Florida nurse's video rant about hard flu season goes viral

Kristen Gonzales
February 4, 2018

She sat down in her vehicle after a 12-hour shift Saturday morning and did a video in which she recounts hospital horror stories.

In the video posted to her page, she also tells of an entire sports team who showed up to the ER when one player got sick.

Emergency rooms throughout the country and in the greater New Orleans area have been overwhelmed with flu patients.

"When you walk in, there's hand sanitizer and they give you a mask and gloves", Moret said. "Please don't bring your team in".

"If you don't have a true emergency this is not the time to come into the emergency room", Katherine Locklear, an emergency room nurse from Pensacola says in a viral video that has been shared more than 5.5 million times since Saturday. "My hands didn't because it's incredible to watch how many people come through the emergency room, sneeze in their hand and I watch".

Since she posted the video to her Facebook page almost a week ago, Lockler has become a viral video star.

The video has gone viral this week, garnering 5.3 million views, 101,000 shares and 25,000 likes on Facebook as of February 2.

Speaking hypothetically, Lockler suggested that folks refrain from bringing healthy people into the ER, as this only increases their chances of catching and spreading the flu.

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Federal health officials say at least 16 more children died of the flu over the past week and more states are reporting high levels of illness.

And definitely don't go to the ER with a fever if you haven't tried lowering it with the proper amount of Tylenol or Motrin. Drink plenty of fluids like Gatorade, water or Powerade to stay hydrated. "Some (are) walking in with the flu and so guess what?" And they don't even know they have it. She uses a sarcastic tone and animated facial expressions at times to get her point across. "I'm gonna teach y'all a magic trick, it's fantastic". Lockler said, before pretending to sneeze into her arm as a demonstration on how to limit the spreading of germs.

"The biggest problem for me was seeing people come in to visit and not only being exposed to this terrible flu virus, but not taking the correct precautions to get themselves disinfected before going out in the world", Lockler said. In dramatic slow motion.

Slightly losing her patience as she described the current situation in a hospital emergency room she said: "Here are some ideas on how to treat the flu at home".

The media's come calling, too, on the frustrated, but endearingly motherly Lockler. But there are probably several weeks left of increasing flu activity this season, she warned.

"I saw a dad with a toddler crawling on the floor in the emergency room and I approached him and I said, 'Hey dad, I do not feel that that's a wise decision, your child is being exposed to some really nasty germs on this emergency room floor, '" Lockler said. "Because guess what?" Lockler said.

"I have a tendency to be mocking in all my talking, yet in the event that it's taken wrong I would apologize to that gathering that misheard my message in view of my tone". It may not have been her intention, but she is thrilled that her important message is getting out.

Katherine ends by asking everyone to thank an ER nurse or doctor.

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