Star Wars of Respawn Entertainment Release Date Announced

Emilio Banks
February 3, 2018

EA largely blamed their Q3 losses on a hefty one-time tax charge, but it's clear the controversial launch of Star Wars Battlefront II didn't help matters. In an earnings call with investors, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that the loot crate controversy with "Battlefront 2" was a "learning opportunity" for the company. The game effectively personified the video game loot box problem, with Battlefront 2 effectively blending the game's microtransaction and progression systems together with an element of chance. Analysts are also eagerly anticipating its next Star Wars property after the creative issues faced that forced a delay of its original action-adventure launch. EA is said by the two (Wilson and Jorgensen) to work very closely with all industry partners and the ESA to make sure that people understand that loot-boxes and microtransactions are not a form of gambling. When pressed for a time-frame for that, he indicated it would take place: "In the next few months".

Just yesterday, during EA's financials call, the publisher revealed that Star Wars Battlefront II sold around nine million units, which is under its projected 10 million target. With love for the Battlefront franchise as a whole still strong, many were hoping that the game would deliver a fantastic Star Wars gaming experience. "We never meant to build an experience that could be seen as unfair or lacking clear progression", he said.

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But the company did note that revenue was lower than what the publisher was looking for, mainly due to the removed Microtransactions, which, again, were removed right before the game released.

"You should expect we will continue to drive hard against that and ensure, again, we didn't set build a feature set that could be perceived to be anything other than fair". According to EA, the controversy over the game's loot box model put players off picking up the game. So, even if it were to come out in the future, it will be after this new Star Wars game.

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