A New Battlefield Game Is Coming In October

Herbert Rhodes
January 31, 2018

EA confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that Anthem has been pushed back to "early 2019".

In sales-related news, Electronic Arts said that Star Wars Battlefront II sold nine million units instead of the 10 million it had projected for the holiday quarter. While EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen claims that the media is trying to create a story by calling this a delay, we're presenting it as a fact. Instead of the original release window of sometime at the end of this year, EA officially confirmed that Anthem will release in Q1 2019, or Q4 of its 2019 fiscal year. You can find the tweet from the Wall Street Journal below.

Hopefully Anthem can meet its new release date and succeed so BioWare can continue to make great games. However, the big publisher denied that this delay was due to development issues.

As Polygon points out, Wilson didn't offer any other information about the upcoming Battlefield, not even its title, though he did confirm that DICE will once again helm the next game in the franchise.

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Well, if it was originally meant to launch in fall of 2018 and now it's pushed back to March, 2019... it is a delay.

The report originally indicated that things were drastically behind schedule and that the team was still having a hard time getting a handle on the Frostbite, which only seems to be properly understood by Swedish engineers.

As mentioned above, the next Battlefield game will launch in October.

Last week rumors began to sprout up, hinting towards a possible delay of Bioware's third-person MMO, Anthem.

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