Elon Musk Would Like To Sell You A Flamethrower

Chelsea West
January 29, 2018

Per TechCrunch, Musk's flamethrower costs $US500 plus taxes, shipping, and any applicable fees, and is now available to pre-order on the Boring Company website.

Tech guru Elon Musk promised last December that his newest company would develop a flamethrower, and now it looks like this might be one promise he'll follow through on. The Boring Company's mission is to excavate a low-priced but fast-digging tunnel through Los Angeles to help alleviate its notorious auto traffic.

As Teslarati points out, D.A. Wallach recently paid a visit to The Boring Company's test tunnel at SpaceX HQ and posted a photo with a working version of this supposed prototype flamethrower, which appears to be an Airsoft rifle that's been modified to shoot flames.

"Buy an overpriced Boring Company fire extinguisher!"

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"When the zombie apocalypse happens, you'll be glad you bought a flamethrower". Musk assured the Twitterverse, however, that he would not, in any way, cause the zombie apocalypse as a means to sell more Boring Co. flamethrowers. No dates about the release of the Freezegun have been provided. Below that is another pre-order button for The Boring Company's Fire Extinguisher for $30, should you feel you need it. This means that in less than 24 hours, Elon Musk had managed to raise $2 million from selling flamethrowers online. If you're not aware of Musk's latest project, we'll tell you that although it's pretty boring right now, if the popular CEO has his way, it will be far from boring when finished. During his Twitter updates, Musk stated that the device would only shoot flames over short distances, minimizing danger while maximizing the device's fun factor.

But now he is adding $500 flamethrowers to the mix?

A month later, Musk introduced a branded baseball hat because every business needs a little merch. Musk provided periodic updates on hat sales via Twitter.

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