The Apple HomePod is available to pre-order this Friday

Herbert Rhodes
January 26, 2018

That $349 price tag also happens to be what Apple charges for one HomePod.

And now it's getting out in front of the HomePod by offering two Sonos One speakers for $350.

Sonos One supports Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, while future plans include support for Google Assistant. While there is some time till the smart speaker is widely available, a report claiming to have an early access to the HomePod, has revealed more details.

But now Sonos is countering Apple's HomePod launch, by offering two of its latest Sonos One smart speakers for $349 US-the same price as HomePod, for those in the United Kingdom and UK. This appears to be in line with Apple's in 2017, that Siri will not only get smarter but will also ditch the robotic voice, to speak in a more human-like voice, with the introduction of iOS 11. Pairing two speakers together makes your listening experience even richer. Voice activation is also not always realistic, so many may miss the modicum of control that a physical application offers.

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The irony of setting the price of two Sonos One speakers on par with the Apple HomePod isn't lost on Sonos. Again, Apple has promised the ability to link multiple speakers together and play the same songs on them simultaneously will be added sometime in 2018.

On the smart home side, Apple's HomePod can be used to control everything from thermostats to lights through Apple's HomeKit service.

For HomePod, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts can be fully controlled by voice with Siri, but Spotify and other services will require peer-to-peer AirPlay to work and playback controls will be limited to play/pause and volume.

If you have friends in the United States or UK, time to call them up and get a deal on two Sonos Ones. Lossless audio formats have always been preferred by the audiophile community, as they allow for unadulterated reproduction of high quality recordings, and although Apple's ALAC format has been the company's answer for this, the open nature of FLAC has made it a considerably more popular choice since it's more widely supported. The HomePod, on the other hand, only has Siri.

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