Nintendo Switch and 3DS are getting these big eShop games

Herbert Rhodes
January 26, 2018

According to the State of the Game Industry report put out by the Game Developers Conference, Switch's powerful console sales are helping software sales, too.

Initially the survey showed that the number of developers working on Switch increased compared to past year, because in 2017 - before the launch of the console - 3% of respondents are working on it and 5% planned to publish their games on the hybrid system, but in 2018 12% of the respondents are working on the console and 15% have planned to launch their games on it. And, when asked which platforms (if any) interested them most, 36 percent answered Nintendo Switch - placing below PC (59 percent) and PlayStation 4 (39 percent), but above Xbox One (28 percent). Only 1% of the developers that were surveyed are making a game on the two platforms, meaning that the total percentage of developers now making a game for Nintendo systems is 14%.

Furthermore, 23 percent of developers say that their games sell as well (23 percent) or in some cases better (28 percent) on the Switch than on other consoles. Whether or not that enthusiasm will hold up in the coming years remains to be seen, but developers can sense the excitement (and many are excited about the console themselves).

Virtual reality, meanwhile, appears as though it may be in the initial stage of a popularity downturn.

The New Nintendo 3DS gets one additional game this week in Zig Zag Go for $1.49.

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Confidence in VR is down, but the Vive is still the most popular VR headset.

PC is the most popular platform for developers, and its lead is expanding - 50% said their last game was released on PC, compared to 45% who said the same previous year. Almost half of respondents said they intend to use a "pay to download" business model for their next game.

11% of the developers responded that their next title will include "paid item crates".

The number comes as a surprise as loot boxes have been a contentious topic among the gaming community in recent years.

31 percent of those asked also said they weren't making a game for the Nintendo Switch but were considering making one in the future.

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