'Serial Stowaway' Marilyn Hartman Arrested at O'Hare: Cops

Chelsea West
January 23, 2018

The following day she managed to evade ticket checks at the gate to board a British Airways transatlantic flight.

However, this is not the first time that Hartman has been detained for trying to bypass airport security in the USA and claimed she may have boarded planes without a ticket eight times.

Marilyn Hartman slipped on to the jet with a large group after she got through security at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and boarded a flight to Heathrow, police said.

Hartman used her hair to hide her face and walk past two federal Transportation Security Administration agents who were checking documents at O'Hare last Sunday, prosecutors said Saturday.

According to a Chicago Tribune report, Hartmann now faces a felony theft charge (the ticket would have cost $2,400) and a misdemeanour trespass charge.

Hartman spent a year in Cook County Jail after repeated episodes of attempting to board aircraft at O'Hare and Midway airports.

She landed on Monday, Jan. 15, before being detained by British Customs officials and sent back to Chicago on Thursday, Jan. 18.

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A freaky habit of trying to get on planes without a ticket has resulted in numerous court appearances and convictions. When it could be arranged she was returned to Chicago and was arrested at O'Hare on arrival.

The Chicago Department of Aviation said no passengers had been put at risk.

The TSA didn't announce how she managed to bypass security.

In a statement, the TSA said they are "working closely with our law enforcement and airline partners in that effort".

Hartman was living at an apartment facility for low-income seniors before her latest arrest and is due in court on Saturday. "During the initial investigation it was determined that the passenger was screened at the security checkpoint before boarding a flight". Her movements were caught on video. The judge dished out a harsh scolding as he recounted Hartman's history, which included several attempts to escape from mental-health facilities in IL.

Hartman has long struggled with homelessness and mental health, and has had encounters with authorities at airports across the United States.

In 2016 she was sentenced to six months in a mental health facility in IL for attempting to bypass security at two of the state's major airports.

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