Henry Bolton refuses to resign as Ukip leader

Marie Harrington
January 23, 2018

Shortly after news of their relationship broke, Marney apologised for "reckless and unnecessary" comments where she said Meghan Markle's "seed" would "taint the Royal Family".

Mr Bolton said: "I respect the next steps in the constitutional process and will therefore not be resigning as party leader".

UK Independence Party leader Henry Bolton is ignoring calls for his resignation following his ex-girlfriend's explosive, racist messages about Meghan Markle.

During the next four weeks I shall be calling for the coordination and mobilisation of all Leave campaigns, to ensure that the government delivers full independence from the European Union in all areas of government and administration and I shall be calling for the Party itself to mobilise to support this agenda.

"Henry was offered the opportunity to resign but he has made clear that he feels he is the right man to lead the party forward", he added, after a three-hour emergency meeting on Sunday to decide his future.

Led by the Farage, UKIP won almost four million votes in 2015, 12.6 perc ent of those cast, on its anti-EU platform, projecting it to the forefront of British politics even though it only managed to win one seat in parliament.

The pressure increased this morning when his deputy Margot Parker announced she was standing down, accusing him of leaving UKIP "in a limbo situation" and demanding he go "sooner rather than later".

While Peter Jewell resigned as Ukip's justice spokesman, and Julia Reid as environment spokeswoman, just hours after Mr Bolton defied calls to quit.

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The former Army officer, 54, said UKIP's main focus should be on supporting Brexit and that it should "drain the swamp" of those that had plunged it into infighting.

Both The Sunday Times and The Mail on Sunday claim Farage is poised to launch a new political movement to take up the Brexit fight.

The local government, education, trade and immigration spokesmen have all resigned, along with the deputy leader and assistant deputy leader. Likewise, it is now time to put an end to the factional in-fighting within the Party and to remove those who have been a part of that.

It comes after the national executive committee backed a vote of no confidence in him.

UKIP has had six leaders in the last two years - with the reins passing between Nigel Farage, Suzanne Evans (whose acting leadership was revoked before she even took up the post), Nigel Farage, Diane James, Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall and Steve Crowther.

A defiant Bolton, who left his wife prior to his relationship with 25-year-old Marney became public, said: "I dont believe I have done anything wrong".

Bolton will be interviewed by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage on his LBC radio show Monday evening. "Now we have to have an EGM which is a cause of great concern".

Bolton claimed over the weekend the party would struggle to afford the costs of holding another leadership contest and revealed it has been losing around 1,000 members a month.

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