Pope marries LATAM cabin crew on-board Santiago flight

Emilio Banks
January 22, 2018

However, they were never formally Wednesday in the eyes of the Catholic Church because the church they had chosen for the event was destroyed in an quake.

The ceremony was witnessed by Ignacio Cueto, chairman of LATAM Airlines Group's board of directors, and Monsignor Mauricio Rueda, both of whom are part of the delegation accompanying pope Francis on his visit to Chile and Peru.

According to Ciuffardi, who spoke briefly with journalists after the ceremony, the Pope asked the couple if they were married yet, and when they explained why they hadn't been married in the Church, he said "do you want to get married?"

"We approached the holy father to ask for his blessing, but after an intimate conversation, he agreed to marry us", said Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriaga, LATAM cabin crew member. He also revealed what the pope told them, "This is the sacrament that is missing in the world, the sacrament of marriage".

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Quick marriages in non-traditional settings may be de regueur in Las Vegas, but the Catholic Church usually prefers couples to be married in a church, preferably after a six-month Pre-Cana course. Are you sure?' Then the pope said, "Are YOU sure?' I told him, 'Yes!"

According to journalists traveling with the Pope, the couple - Paula Podesta and Carlos Ciuffardi - went to the Pope during the January 18 flight to ask for his blessing. May this motivate others to get the sacrament of marriage. The document was signed by Pope Francis, the couple and the witness.

She said Francis offered a bit of advice to the not-so-newlyweds: "The wedding rings shouldn't be too tight, because they'll torture you, but if they're too loose, they'll fall off". At one point the Pope asked Ciuffardi, "Is she still the boss?"

"We have received the best possible wedding gift and we are very lucky", said Ruiz.

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