How to Disable Instagram's New Activity Status Feature

Emilio Banks
January 21, 2018

Hence, all your followers and friends are able to see when was the last time you were active.

The feature only appears for people you follow and have previously chatted to on direct messages.

It's worth noting that once you turn off your own activity status you won't be able to see anyone else's either, but this seems like a fair trade off to us. You can access Direct by swiping right on the homepage and the list of friends who have been chatting with you in past will show on the next page. To enhance the experience and make it easier for users to see who is following them, Instagram added a new indicator that makes things clearer. To change the visibility of the active status users will need to go to the "setting", then to "Edit Profile" and then can toggle the activity status feature to turn it off.

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It is similar to the popular time-stamping tool on Facebook and WhatsApp, and is switched on by default in the Instagram settings. While it may seem useful if you're tracking someone (in a non-stalker way we hope), without context, it can lead to issues if someone who sends you a DM that you didn't respond to sees you are still now active. The new Activity Status feature is a part of the Direct section.

So if you want to see when others are active then you'll have to leave yourself exposed with the feature turned on. This feature rolled out for Android users first, but it's now available on iOS as well. If they are looking at a profile of someone who follows them but they don't follow, the profile will show "follow back" option instead of just 'follow'.

While the feature is a good way to know if friends are online, the idea of it sounds creepy to others.

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