Canadian man gets parking ticket for 'car' made of snow

Bill Rogers
January 20, 2018

Laprise sculpted the Delorean to look like a life-size version of Marty McFly's ride had been parked throughout a snow storm for days.

Simon Laprise, an artist, mechanical engineer and auto enthusiast, crafted the vehicle in a snow-removal zone, where it's illegal to park.

Laprise said it took him four hours to create the vehicle.

Simon Laprise created a life-sized vehicle out of snow after a recent heavy snowfall in his part of town.

Cops soon realised they'd been pranked but not before its creator, Canadian Simon Laprise, had caught them on camera.

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As you can see in his Facebook photos, Laprise created a relatively realistic looking vehicle out of snow complete with a real windscreen wiper that he found laying on the ground.

A Canadian artist decided to make light of a cold situation in the country when he played a trick on snow removers and received the attention of police.

"You made our evening", the officer wrote, in French, on a ticket posted by Laprise. It's illegal to park on the street during snow removal, which is probably why the police officers showed up to check out the situation.

Laprise, a 33-year-old machinist, still got a ticket - but it was fake just like his vehicle.

In the end, the 33-year-old's creation was destroyed by a snowplow the following morning.

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