Apple and Google reroute employee shuttle buses after attacks

Bill Rogers
January 20, 2018

Certain people at Apple believe someone is purposefully destroying their buses, which transport people from San Francisco to its headquarters in Cuptertino, with perhaps BB guns or rocks, according to Gizmodo. At least four separate shuttles are said to have suffered broken windows while driving on 280.

Apple and Google are re-routing employee shuttle buses after numerous coaches were attacked this week.

The first attack took place Friday evening, with an additional three buses targeted during yesterday morning's commute and another one later that evening.

The attacks have forced Apple's shuttle off the highway.

In a Facebook post, the Redwood City CHP noted that the tech shuttles, which look like normal Greyhound buses, are unmarked and that there's "no indication that these are targeted incidents to a specific company".

In an internal email thread obtained by Mashable, one Apple employee speculated that the culprit may be using "rubber rounds".

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Photos sent by an anonymous Apple employee to the website Mashable showed the broken windows on Apple employee shuttle buses. It's unclear if the attack, which broke a window on the bus, was carried out by the same perpetrator. The service, which is available only to the employees, has always been seen as a symbol of division between the tech workers and everyone else, notes Business Insider. We're working closely with law enforcement to investigate these incidents and we'll notify you as soon as the coaches are able to return to the regular route.

California Highway Patrol spokesman Officer Art Montiel told SFGate that the attacks took place while the buses were moving and occupied.

Demonstrators in 2013 and 2014 blocked and damaged buses to protest the booming tech industry's impact on affordable housing and the gentrification of San Francisco.

Google and Apple employees are looking at having their commute to work extended by 30 to 45 minutes.

The Redwood City CHP is now working with Apple and Google to identify the sources of the past week's attacks.

The buses were not marked with the logos of the companies that chartered them.

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