Alligators survive USA brutal cold by poking noses through ice

Marie Harrington
January 10, 2018

Shallotte River Swamp Park in Ocean Isle Beach shared a breathtaking video showing the park's alligators with their nostrils poking through the ice. It can be seen from online videos and pictures that the ice hardened around the gators' snouts with their bodies suspended in the water. "It is not abnormal for them [the alligators] to do this because they know they have to breathe".

They stick their mouths out of the water and allow the water to freeze around them.

Alligators in southeastern North Carolina poke their noses through ice to survive unusual winter chills battering east coast of the United States since last week. But that's no problem, according to the park's accompanying blog post. Their metabolisms slow down dramatically and they become lethargic.

During that time, the alligators will stay at the bottom of the body of water.

Despite this ingenious survival instinct, Howard said gators can't stay in icy water indefinitely.

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As for what happens if someone steps on a frozen alligator, experts said it's not likely the animal will react.

But fear not, animal lovers.

"It's 65 degrees here today and the waters have melted", Howard said Tuesday.

"Just shows you how smart they are, and how wonderful it is to see them do this exact survival technique, no matter how horrific it looks to us humans", posted Linda McMullan on Facebook.

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