Pizza Hut Working With Toyota to Test Driverless Pizza Delivery

Emilio Banks
January 9, 2018

So, the concept is basically a futuristic box set atop Toyota's next-generation battery electric platform and powered by the automaker's future autonomous vehicle tech.

At a separate presentation at CES - formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show - NVIDIA CEO Benson Huang said that by removing the driver from the vehicle ride-sharing services will be able to provide mobility at a cost less than that of owning and operating a personal vehicle.

Toyota's news comes as major vehicle manufacturers and tech giants gather this week at the event, formerly the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to showcase whole suites of products meant to overhaul human mobility.

And, it can do more than just deliver goods in a last-mile type application, they say the vehicle can also be utilised as a mini-bus, or set-up as a mobile retail or office space.

These are some of the potential uses Toyota envisions for the e-Palette. Plus, the automaker also has plans for testing the viability of the e-Palette concept in various regions, including the United States, in the early 2020s. Or perhaps groups of e-Palettes arrive together to serve food and entertainment at a festival. Each vehicle will be purpose-built depending on its use.

Toyota has already formed alliances with Mazda, Amazon and Pizza Hut, as well as ride-hailing app companies Uber and Didi.

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Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation today revealed a rather left of field take on the increasingly sexy topic of autonomous driving.

In the future, you won't go to shops; instead, shops will come to you. Other mobility technologies may be available as well.

Toyota has laid out plans for a vehicle ecosystem that could challenge the way we use roads. Thus, the e-Palette can shift from one service to the other and companies can ultimately share the platform.

In principle, accomplices would have the capacity to purchase the self-governing e-Palette vehicle with the total escort innovation, or they could select to utilize their own particular computerized driving framework. It's the electric skateboard concept that we've seen from multiple automakers.

When commercialized, the e-Palette type of vehicle is expected to offer "level 4" autonomous driving capability, which is called by the industry "high automation".

Toyota says Uber, Pizza Hut and Amazon have already signed on as launch partners.

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