Nvidia partners with Uber, Volkswagen and Baidu

Chelsea West
January 9, 2018

Our scalable and modular approach enables us to upgrade to our new ProAI based on NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier, and integrate the Baidu Apollo Pilot. The first samples of the processor are being delivered to customers this quarter, he said.

Uber will be using Nvidia Drive hardware to experiment with fully autonomous taxi vehicles (no more details than that at present) while VW will be using AI and Nvidia's new Drive Xavier hardware to develop an AI-based co-pilot in the I.D.

The Xavier processor has more than 9 billion transistors and is the most complex system on a chip ever created, Huang says, yet it requires a fraction of the electricity to run than far less powerful processors. Uber is one of many partners who leverage Nvidia tech for their self-driving efforts, but it's definitely one of the biggest.

German company Volkswagen will be using Nvidia's Drive IX platform in some vehicles in the future, including the autonomous ID Buzz electric bus, which features 1950s styling.

Diess added, "Autonomous driving, zero-emission mobility and digital networking are virtually impossible without advances in AI and deep learning". But the company operated largely in secret until last week when it announced partnerships with Volkswagen Group and Hyundai. Two Xavier chipsets form part of a larger Nvidia platform for AI and self-driving, dubbed Pegasus.

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Nvidia's technology will allow Uber vehicles to "sense" the world and to make split second decisions according to Reuters. Drive IX analyses the automotive sensor data from within and outside the auto and provides the driver and passengers with its AI assistant technology that is able to recognize their face, voice and body gestures.

A total of 320 companies involved in self-driving cars across all sectors are now using Nvidia Drive.

Aurora was founded by Sterling Anderson, a former director of the semi-autonomous Autopilot program at Tesla; Drew Bagnell, who headed the autonomy and perception team at Uber's Advanced Technologies Center; and Urmson, the former head of Google's self-driving project.

Meanwhile, VW and Nvidia also announced a partnership during the keynote address, which will see Nvidia "infuse" AI into the automaker's future lineup.

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