Italian Clothing Company Allowed To Use Steve Jobs Name

Bill Rogers
December 30, 2017

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, known for his trademark black turtleneck and plain blue jeans, now has his name trademarked on jeans in Italy.

The Verge reports: "After years of legal battles, a pair of brothers - Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato - have successfully managed to win a legal battle against Apple, earning the right to call their company 'Steve Jobs, ' after Apple's iconic founder".

Steve Jobs Inc. was founded by two Italian brothers, Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato, according to Business Insider Italia(via Quartz).

Kind of insane to think that the name Steve Jobs wasn't registered within Apple. The logo is the letter "J" with an Apple leaf and a bite taken out of it.

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Apple's experienced a crushing blow in their recent onslaught of courtroom drama, as the tech giant lost a trademark lawsuit case filed against an Italian clothing company.

The case not only covered the name but also the logo the brothers were using. Though they refused to reveal what sort of electronic items we can expect from them in the near future, a smartphone bearing the Steve Jobs logo will no doubt be mighty interesting, it must be said.

Steve Jobs must be destroying his black turtlenecks in the big Apple Store in the sky right now. Very similar to what the Apple logo looks like. Their plans go beyond clothing into electronics, so some day you may be able to buy a Steve Jobs media player, or even a Steve Jobs smart phone.

A protracted legal battle has ended in victory for the pair after their logo, a capital J with a bite taken out of it that bears a resemblance to Apple's own logo, was deemed not to be a trademark breach by the EU's Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market.

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