Virginia sheriff describes 'graphic' scene of woman mauled by her dogs

Herbert Rhodes
December 22, 2017

Authorities have revealed gruesome details about the death of a 22-year-old woman who was mauled by her pit bulls in Virginia.

The Goochland County Sheriff and four deputies witnessed twenty-two-year-old Bethany Stephens' two dogs devouring her body in a wooded area on the morning of December 15, in a case that has captured worldwide attention.

"Let me cut right to the chase, the most important detail that we did not release because we were anxious about the well-being of the family is that the in the course of trying to capture the dogs early Friday morning.we turned and looked..." Goochland County deputies said that last week Stephens was mauled to death by the dogs, sometime Wednesday afternoon after leaving the house with them. She said at the end of the day, dogs are animals, and in extreme circumstances, they can potentially view even their owners as threats or food sources.

She had defensive wounds on her hands and arms.

"They didn't cause any disruptions to our groups", Tori Trent, a friend of the victim who also runs a dog training and boarding facility called Tori's K9 Adventures, said of the two dogs, Tonka and Pacman. Deputies witnessed the animals eating Stephens' rib cage; her body was dismembered and she was found completely naked except for one boot.

The pitbulls have since been euthanized, with the family's permission. Nothing that said she was stabbed. No bones, no injuries to the throat area.

But Agnew says authorities are "still doing forensic tests".

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During the conference, Agnew described the dogs as "very large brindle-colored pit bull dogs". "But. from the evidence that we observed, from the evidence that we collected, that narrative doesn't fit". "None of that", Whitlock told reporters.

Police said Stephens grew up in Goochland but lived in Glen Allen. He explained that Stephens would visit the dogs approximately five times a week to care for them, and that they had become "isolated, where the only contact that they had was with each other".

"Since this has happened, I spent a significant amount of time researching attacks by dogs of this sort and while it is not an everyday occurrence, it is not rare and it happens with some frequency in this country", Agnew said. She was in the area visiting with her father.

"What I observed personally, it was in the community's best interest", Agnew said.

Paul said, "The breed in and of itself is a high energy breed, they like to have a lot of structure and a lot of exercise, so by keeping them in a pin, alone, under socialized, away from people, that energy is just building up and building up and building up and that's when you start to see dogs fighting more regularly, that's when you start to see more negative scenarios". "They were not quite that large, no", Agnew said.

The toxicology report on Stephens will be complete in about 90 days. "Once a dog tastes human flesh, it's no longer safe to have that dog around humans". They are dealing with trying to piece everything together and filtering out the misinformation.

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