Health officials encourage vaccination as peak of flu season begins

Kristen Gonzales
December 13, 2017

Today, H1N1 simply is one of many flu strains that are tracked, and like the others, causes the usual flu symptoms and reappears every so often. Both died following brief hospitalizations.

Central Illinois has been hit particularly hard this flu season, with Litchfield schools being forced to shut down last week due to a high number of absences.

Alani stated that no one should take their health for granted. Vaccination is the best protection against flu illness.

Roberts said it is too early to tell if the flu vaccine is working but said that even a little protection helps in the long run.

Despite the vaccination not being as effective as doctors had hoped this year, they still maintain it is best to get your flu shot because if you do get it, it'll be much less severe than if you don't. The flu vaccines offered this year reduce the risk of getting other strains of the flu by between 40 and 60 percent, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Between Nov. 26 and December 2, 105 specimens were tested for flu virus in North Idaho, and 25 came back positive.

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The numbers are also up statewide and in Pima County. So far this season, 234 cases of influenza-like illness have been identified at out-patient clinics since; of those 28 (12%) were positive for seasonal influenza.

"The majority of our cases are Influenza A, the H3 type, which is the same as what we saw last flu season, " she said. Children can become very poorly if they catch flu and we know this can affect the wider family as parents or carers may have to take time off work to look after them.

It may not sound like a disaster, since this year's flu shot is only 10 percent effective against the difficult-to-stop H3N2 strain. To access the list, go to, hover over or click the "Your Health" dropdown menu and select "Flu Shot Locations". The Imperial County Public Health Department has hosted a number of flu clinics for county staff, farmworkers and seniors throughout the County. Additional information about the death was not available.

Influenza vaccines, also known as flu shots, are vaccines that protect against influenza.

He urges anyone with flu symptoms, such as a sore throat or fever, not to visit friends and relatives in long-term care facilities, hospitals or those with underlying health conditions. Most people with RSV recover on their own in a couple weeks, but infants and young children, people with asthma and older adults are at higher risk for developing a more severe form of the virus.

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