Net Neutrality Fight Comes To Kenwood

Chelsea West
December 10, 2017

The outcome of this vote could entirely change not only our Internet browsing experience, but our methods of communication entirely. It's what our children know, our students, our friends-it's how we have relished in the unlimited potential of the world wide web.

Ahead of the day of action,, Demand Progress, Fight for the Future, and Free Press Action Fund partnered to launch a website featuring an interactive map to help supporters locate demonstrations in their area as well as a three-page guide for organizing protests. It allows us all access to open networks and online communication.

Under these rules, your internet service providers were forbidden from slowing down or blocking traffic from certain sites. Ending net neutrality, he said, would also end that possibility. It only further propels the rich, while those on the lower end of the socio-economic ladder suffer.

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The north country residents protesting in favor of maintaining the net neutrality rules were just one of hundreds of protests across the country. With the large cable and phone companies calling the shots on Internet freedom, local businesses will have a harder time being noticed online, and those that can not afford higher priced packages won't have the same Internet experiences that the privileged few will enjoy. Mr. Owen expects that whatever happens, net neutrality will be ended.

Demonstrators are sharing scenes from Thursday's protests on social media with the hashtags #StoptheFCC and #NetNeutrality. "And it gave us an internet economy that become the envy of the world".

Despite a biting wind, a few dedicated residents gathered outside the Russel Cellular Verizon Store on Route 11 in support of net neutrality on Thursday, ahead of the Federal Communications Commission vote, which is expected on December 14. Many have come out and spoken against repealing this regulation, yet the FCC, specifically chairman Ajit Pai, continue to ignore this outrage, focusing only on the potential profit - Mr. Pai was a lawyer for Verizon, which has stated outright that if these regulations were removed, they would introduce "fast lanes" for websites that paid more and throttle the speed to websites that did not choose to pay for this service, whether due to their belief that the internet should be free to all to browse as they see fit, or because they simply can not afford to pay such a fee.

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