Flynn told a business associate Russian sanctions would be 'ripped up'

Marie Harrington
December 8, 2017

Donald Trump was just 11 minutes into his presidency when his choice for national security adviser, Michael Flynn, texted a former business partner to say an ambitious USA collaboration with Russian Federation to build nuclear reactors in the Middle East was "good to go", according to a new whistleblower account.

Mr Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said on Wednesday (Dec 6) that the whistle-blower described how within minutes of Mr Trump being sworn in, Flynn texted a former business colleague saying they were "good to go" with a plan to work with Russian Federation on building Middle East nuclear reactors.

The project in question - promoted by a group of former senior USA military officers, and often described as a "Marshall Plan" of sorts - would involve United States companies working with Russian companies to build and operate nuclear plants in the Middle East, and export spent fuel from those plants.

The revelation came from Rep Elijah Cummings and came via a whistleblower.

A lawyer for Mr Flynn, who was sacked after only 24 days as Mr Trump's national security adviser, declined to comment.

During the conversation, Mr. Copson told the whistle-blower that "this is the best day of my life" because it was "the start of something I've been working on for years, and we are good to go".

The letter from Cummings concluded with a request to issue subpoenas for "all documents and communications referring or relating" to Flynn's foreign contacts during the Trump campaign, the transition period and his brief time as national security adviser.

Cumming also noted the congressional probe into Hillary Clinton's role in an Obama-era Uranium One deal that Gowdy is spearheading- a probe that was recently announced after Republicans said they had found a new informant.

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"Mr. Copson explained [to the whistleblower] that General Flynn was making sure that sanctions would be 'ripped up", Cummings wrote.

Trump initially considered lifting the Russian sanctions - which were a response to Moscow's military intervention in Eastern Ukraine in 2014 - but ultimately decided against it.

He pleaded guilty last week to lying to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents about his contacts with the Moscow diplomat.

Gowdy also recommended that Cummings present the claims to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, despite Cummings' indications in his letter Wednesday that his staff had been in touch with Mueller's team and had been given the green light to move forward.

Mr Copson had allegedly shown the Flynn text message to the source, according to the congressman. But the whistleblower says he or she could not read the actual message. "This is going to make a lot of wealthy people".

Flynn didn't reveal his relationship with ACU Strategic Partners until August after leaving it off previous government forms.

"When the whistle-blower asked why the United States needed to be involved in a Middle East nuclear project, Mr Copson explained that the U.S. would provide military support to "defend these installations", the letter said.

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