Qualcomm Is Suing Apple For The iPhone X

Bill Rogers
December 2, 2017

Apple and Qualcomm have been embroiled in an ongoing legal battle following Apple's decision to sue Qualcomm in January for charging unfair royalties and refusing to pay quarterly rebates. Apple seems to have waged war on Qualcomm through the new counter lawsuit following the chipmaker's patent infringement suit as well as a complaint that it filed with the U.S International Trade Commission. "All of these Palm inventions - owned by Qualcomm - have vastly improved the functionality of mobile devices and the user experience, and all of them are widely found in Apple products without license or permission", Qualcomm writes in one of its lawsuits. The company has also filed three additional patent infringement lawsuits against Apple and says the company infringes on 16 patents...

One of the lawsuits is an adjacent civil lawsuit to the new lawsuit filed with the ITC on November 30. The ITC has the power to ban the import of products that violate patents. The chipmaker has also sought unspecified damages and fees.

Why are Apple's chips faster than Qualcomm's? Apple then filed a lawsuit making similar accusations and continued to make those claims in courts around the world.

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Qualcomm has yet to respond to the filing, but it's already fairly clear where the San Diego company stands on the matter.

Qualcomm pointed to its filings when asked for comment. Qualcomm filed a suit of its own the same day. In July, Qualcomm accused Apple of illegally using Qualcomm tech related to saving battery power. The Cupertino company said its patents in question ensure that the processor uses only minimal power and turns off the parts that are not needed to save battery.

Generally whenever Apple announces a new iPhone it also announces a new System-on-a-Chip, and this year was no different. If the processor chip giant had its way, iPhone Xs from these carriers could be banned. This would prevent the device from being sold on AT&T and T-Mobile. It means you will easily be able to get your hands on the iPhone X during the holiday shopping season. That's a huge number considering the device has been around for only about three weeks, was facing supply issues, and is the most expensive iPhone ever.

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