Tiger Woods reiterates support for rolled-back golf ball for pros

Sheri Evans
November 30, 2017

Just hitting shots. I haven't really had a scorecard in my hand in a while. I just want them to see what I've been able to do in my entire career. I may have to blast a few.

The low point of these two years was the arrest.

The style of play that earned passing marks here a year ago at this tournament appeared to be "slow-mo" to the man swinging the club once he replayed it. (Woods eventually finished 15th among the 17 world-class players who completed 72 holes.) In the midst of competing, he thought he was hitting some sound shots, thought he was scoring decently (he shot 65 in Round 2) ... and now that he looks back on it? "It would be nice, one day, for one of them to carry my bag at a tournament".

Woods claims to be pain free after undergoing his fourth back surgery in April, and his peers have reported a spring in his step and a rehabilitated swing that is out-driving world No.1 Dustin Johnson ahead of the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas.

Unofficially, this week marks the 10th comeback from injuries that have kept Woods, now 41, away from the game for a significant length of time. They didn't realise every time I bent over I had pain going down my leg and my foot didn't work. Woods said: "Now that I'm feeling the way I'm feeling, it's just hard to imagine I was living the way I was living with my foot not working, my leg not working and then the hours of not being able to sleep at all because of the pain". I didn't realize how bad my back had become and how much I was flinching and just how slow I was. I look back on those days and wonder how I was able to play and compete. "This surgery was about quality of life, because I didn't really have much". Even in 2013, I was struggling.

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Lewis also asked Woods if he considered retiring from the sport to which Woods responded, "I don't know if retirement is the word, but I didn't think I could ever play golf with my friends again because I spent most of past year in bed".

He also joked: 'The neatest thing for me is to get out of bed, grab a club and not have to use it as a crutch'. "You have no idea how exciting that is and so I am so thankful I have had this procedure and have gotten to this point".

"Looking back, it was like I was hitting in slow-motion. I feel blessed... I missed being able to do all that". It's bone and bone.

"I don't have pain in my back anymore, but I do have some stiffness".

Tiger Woods has revealed he can not yet bear to watch the infamous video of his slurred, mumbling police interview after being arrested for driving under the influence and admitted he now finds it "hard to imagine the way I was living". "I'll have a better understanding once I'm in game speed".

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