Man 'beheaded' with his heart ripped out

Marie Harrington
November 25, 2017

An MS-13 gang member was arrested November 11 in relation to the murder of an unidentified man who was found decapitated and stabbed over 100 times with his heart removed in Montgomery County, Maryland.

The suspect Lopez is staying illegally in the United States and is from El Salvadoran said the Immigration officers.

A ranking gang member told police Lopez-Abrego was the first person to stab the victim, court documents say. His heart was cut out of his chest and then thrown into a pre-dug grave.

The details of the unidentified victim's gruesome murder described by the informant.were confirmed by a medical examiner after the body was exhumed.

On the day of the killing, a gang member allegedly "waited near the edge of the wood line with a handheld walkie-talkie radio to alert" the others when the victim approached, according to court records obtained by the Post. He has a bond review Wednesday at the Rockville District Court.

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He was wearing a sweatshirt, and those who knew him would have noticed he was missing a lower tooth near the front of his mouth, police said.

"These same gang members are taking advantage of immigrant communities in which they live-committing acts of horrendous violence against its residents, attracting violence from rival gangs, extorting small businesses, peddling street level narcotics, and coopting the youth and recruiting them into this gang", he said. Police evenutally tracked him and two other suspect, Milton Portillo-Rodriguez and an unnamed third MS-13 member involved in other attacks, to a local condo - where they hid inside from police.

The brutal murder at the Wheaton park is a part of a resurgence of killings in the county that police and prosecutors attribute to MS-13. He had short, dark brown hair.

The informant said Lopez-Abrego selected the victim and was the first gang member to stab him, allegedly using a 15-inch knife.

In September, police also released photos of the jersey and rosary that the victim was wearing, and the jersey had "First United Methodist Church Laurel, Maryland" written on the left side, on the chest.

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