Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Content Announced

Herbert Rhodes
November 21, 2017

Rainbow Six Siege's third year of content, "Operation Chimera", will bring its first co-op event, developer-publisher Ubisoft recently announced.

According to the game's blog, Season 1 will explore a new fantasy in Operation Chimera: quarantine and biohazard featuring two operators from France and Russian Federation. Outbreak and Operation Chimera will be fully revealed at the Rainbow Six Invitational in Montreal in 2018 - because of the name and logo, some have speculated that Outbreak will Siege's take on a "Zombies"-style mode. It will also feature an exclusive collection of cosmetics, available only during the time of the event".

Year three of Rainbow Six: Siege will add more than just a temporary new mode.

Year 3's season pass will be available to purchase on December 12. It will only be around for four weeks though, after that, it will go away.

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And it looks like it could be a Zombie mode, with it tied to the biohazard and quarantine theme of year 3 season one - Operation Chimera.

Rainbow Six Siege year three will kick off a little differently than the previous two. The year will be rounded out with a pair of Moroccan GIGR operators and a map in Morocco. Season One, called Operation Chimera, will add a pair of new operators to the action, one from France and one from Russian Federation, but instead of a new map it will feature the launch of the game's first-ever co-op event, Outbreak, a three-player "new fantasy" about quarantine and biohazard. Details on the other seasons for Rainbow Six Siege year 3 are sparse.

As for the rest of the content to expect throughout the game's third year, Season 2 will feature Italy, Season 3 will rework an existing map (please let it be Yacht) and have USA and United Kingdom operators, and Season 4 will be set in Morocco.

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