No cooperation between Russian Federation and U.S. on North Korea

Marie Harrington
November 6, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump, accompanied by first lady Melania Trump, second from left, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe, left, speaks to members of the media before having a dinner at Ginza Ukai Tei restaurant, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, in Tokyo.

He said a decision would be made soon on whether to add North Korea to a list of state sponsors of terrorism.

He warned that Washington and its allies are prepared to defend freedom and that "no dictator" should underestimate U.S. resolve.

After easing into his Asian debut with golf, President Donald Trump sat down for a meal of American beef and tomato sauce with the Japanese president.

North Korea previously launched two rocket missiles over northern Japan.

Speaking to hundreds of cheering U.S. and Japanese troops at Yokota Air Base, just west of Tokyo, Mr Trump said: "No dictator, no regime, no nation should ever underestimate American resolve".

Asked whether he was anxious that North Korea's Kim Jong Un would use the president's visit to the region to demonstrate another missile test, Trump said: "We'll soon find out".

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Political pundits also believe Trump may be exacerbating the situation by resorting to threats. "We want Putin's help on North Korea, and we'll be meeting with a lot of different leaders".

However, Trump seems adamant on disregarding the advice of experts by continuing on his harsh rhetoric.

"We may have a meeting with Putin", he said.

'As I pray your team accepts upon deep reflection, it would be decidedly un-Christian to countenance indiscriminate killings of those who are among the people in the world who suffer the most'.

'I've been praying through an outpouring of tears and wholeheartedly plead for you and your administration to remember the acute suffering and unparalleled victimisation of tens of millions of warm-hearted, gentle and benevolent North Koreans - who deserve compassion and require grace - and to please pursue a peaceable answer with regard to the security quandary'. "He has been very clear about that".

In South Korea, Trump will visit Camp Humphreys, a newly-expanded military base that will ultimately house numerous 28,500 USA troops on the peninsula.

The fact that two of Trump's ex-aides were indicted raises serious questions and also mounts pressure on the president. The president warned of the consequences of crossing what he called the "most fearsome fighting force in the history of our world". However, it is yet to see how he will tackle developments in the probe and North Korean threat at the same time.

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