BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch gets meta with new map, hero Moira

Herbert Rhodes
November 4, 2017

It's a bumper night for Overwatch at BlizzCon 2017 - there's both a new hero and a new map coming!

Moira also has a Biotic Orb ability, which sees her launch a rebounding sphere which can either heal the allies it reaches, or steal health away from enemies that stand in its path.

She's got to balance these, though: using the healing attack, she expends energy, which is then replenished with her damaging attack, which also heals Moira. Her controversial DNA work has led to her damaged reputation in the scientific community and her current alliance with the shadowy Talon organization for research funding. The new hero, called Moira, is the 26th playable character to be added to the game.

Blizard also showed off a new story cinematic.

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We already know that Moira is a support character that is capable of both healing and dealing damage. Eventually however, her legion with them was unveiled, but high-ranking Overwatch officials lied and said they had no knowledge of her ever being a part of their organisation.

Fade - Moira quickly teleports a short distance. It looks like a mash-up of Reaper's Teleport ability and Tracer's Blink, so it could prove extremely useful in unsafe situations.

So what do you think of Moira?

In the seven-minute short, we get our first glimpse of a far-younger Reinhardt, one who isn't graying in the beard, hair, and uh, everywhere. Reinhardt used to be full of daring-do and an obsession with glory, but like the rest of Overwatch's team, his history has colored his motives for being a part of the team and rejoining it for its latest endeavors.

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