AT&T exclusive dual screen smartphone functions in four modes

Bill Rogers
October 19, 2017

While the handset doesn't feature the best hardware to date, the Shenzhen-based original equipment manufacturer isn't highlighting its basic internal specs as some of its selling points.

Coming to the specifications, the ZTE Axon M comes with two 5.2-inch displays.

The smartphone sports two 5.2-inch LCD screens with full HD resolution joined by a hinge.

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However, if you don't need to utilize both displays and just want to use the Axon M like a regular phone, you can fold it up and only use one screen like you would with any other device. The screen works differently in each of its pre-set modes, which can be selected as per user's needs.

Dual Mode: Two screens for second screen multitasking. The dual screen phone offers two different modes: Dual mode, Extended mode, Mirror mode and Traditional mode. Furthermore, nothing appears to be stopping users from activating Nougat's natively supported Multi-Window feature to use three or more apps in a manner that's much more convenient than what smaller smartphones allow if the Dual mode proves to be too limiting in some scenarios. "Mirror mode" will duplicate the same content on both screens for some reason, and "traditional" seems like it will turn off the extra screen for a normal smartphone experience. Apps that haven't been optimized won't recognize the gap - where the hinge that connects the two displays is - in the middle. "Extended mode" merges the screen into a single, giant display. Samsung has been working on a phone with foldable display since a decade, called Galaxy X.

Under the hood, the Axon M does not bring anything out of the ordinary and is powered by a generation old Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC paired with 4GB of RAM. It is a 20-megapixel camera with the F/1.8 aperture and Phase detection autofocus, while the camera has also got dual image stabilization and dual LED flash. If you're loving it, you'll be happy to learn that this device will be available at AT&T stores next month, priced at $24.17/month for 30 months. The phone has a 3,180 mAh of battery capacity. It is sadly not a foldable screen smartphone if you were hoping for that. That said, ZTE claims it has made sure that the top 100 Android apps work on the phone without any issues. The Chinese vendor has also confirmed that the Axon M will also be available in other markets including China, Europe, and Japan sometime later of this year.

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