Google is now using facial recognition tech to identify your pets

Bill Rogers
October 18, 2017

Finding photos of your pet is as easy as typing their name into the search bar. It's the flawless feature for pet lovers who like to show off pictures of their furry friends.

This isn't flawless. Google was quick to acknowledge to BuzzFeed that Photos might get confused if you have different pets from a similar breed, so don't expect it to tell the difference between your golden retrievers. You can also create a photo-book of your own using the same technique.

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Google Photos is one versatile application, provided it has the right permissions from you. Apart from this, there are some basic improvements added to the native Google Photos app to find out the flawless pictures and other useful photos of yours.

The new feature is being rolled out to most countries today and works simply be uploading the photos. It's possible to label these photos with their name, and it should be a very simple task to create "albums, movies, or even a photo book" of your furry (or not) little friends. There is also an option to search by breed and animal emojis within the app. What do you think of Google's new technology for pet identification? The app now collects them automatically. According to Buzzfeed, a Google spokesperson has said that if you have a number of pets of the same breed then you will need to help the Photos app with identifying who's who. The update is live for iOS users. As per other reports, this is just a welcome edition of the app and we would see a few more updated editions of this app in the coming days by the giant Google.

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