Head and legs of submarine trip journalist found in bag

Marie Harrington
October 8, 2017

As reported, the Danish inventor of the Madsen is accused of killing a Swedish journalist in a submarine "Nautilus".

The freelance journalist went missing after boarding a privately built submarine with its Danish inventor, Peter Madsen, on August 10.

Police inspector Jens Moller said there was another bag containing her clothes.

Madsen has been charged with manslaughter, which in Danish law implies murder, and he is now in pre-trial detention.

Wall, was writing a profile on Madsen when she was last seen boarding Madsen's submarine on August 10. He denies the assertion and has called her passing a mischance.

He later said he buried Wall at sea after she accidentally died from hitting her head on a heavy hatch cover.

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Wall's cause of death hasn't yet been established yet.

Movies "fetish" in which real women were tortured, beheaded and burned, was detailed to the prosecutor at a hearing of pre-trial detention in Copenhagen that was held a little earlier in the week.

Madsen denies that this hard drive belongs to him. "And then we found a head that also laid in a bag, and was weighed down with multiple metal pieces".

Remedy: This story has been refreshed to clear up that some of Wall's remaining parts were found in a different sack from her apparel.

Madsen remains in police custody as the investigation continues. Madsen was rescued from the sinking vessel and brought ashore, where he was picked up by police, but there was no trace of the missing journalist.

Wall, 30, was a freelance journalist from Sweden who attended Columbia Journalism School in NY, and reported on stories from Sri Lanka to North Korea.

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