Buyers concerned over swollen batteries in new Apple iPhone 8

Bill Rogers
October 7, 2017

Apple's spokesman has said that they have started an investigation of the issue. The issue also appears to be global, with several similar faults being reported in Europe, Asia, and North America, suggesting that the fault may be more than just a single bad batch, although how many are original reports are authentic is still unknown. However, so far not many incidents have been heard of.

Since then, reports of the same issue have come in from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Greece and Canada, indicating that the problem isn't necessarily limited to one shipment in one part of the world. There was no external sign of burning nor any chemical reaction, and the phone's insides were exposed.

According to the Chinese report, the iPhone in question was purchased from What happens is that the battery swells upon charging or consumption which forces the casing to split open. Due to the minute tolerances of phones, it only takes a small increase in the size of the component to cause the iPhone to separate. There were only around 100 confirmed incidents of the Note 7 actually catching fire.

However, unlike the Note 7 fiasco, there might not be a recall of the iPhone 8 as no injury or any possibility of it has been reported as yet.

Such incidents will surely downplay the popularity of Apple's latest flagship, which is already being reported to have a comparatively slower start. The issue might be brushed under the carpet just like the iPhone 6 Plus bend gate or Apple may resolve and put out fresh versions of iPhone 8 Plus which do not have such issue.

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Investors are anxious that pre-orders for the device were well below previous launches.

Apple has yet to release figures for the first weekend sales of the new iPhones, so it's unclear what percentage of users this is affecting at this time.

Apple is scheduled to release the iPhone X - with the "X" signifying the Roman numeral 10 - on November 3, with preorders starting on October 27.

In pre-market trading today, Apple shares were in the red.

Didn't this happen a year ago?

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