Instagram Stories Get Poll Stickers

Herbert Rhodes
October 4, 2017

Instagram is a free download from the App Store.

When you choose a color for your text or drawing tool, you'll see a new eyedropper icon at the far left. A great addition to Instagram Stories or just another tactic to get us users addicted to social media? Additionally, Instagram announced a new alignment tool to help you place stickers. Also added, though for iOS users alone, is an alignment tool that makes it easy to center both text and stickers on your pictures. The updates rolled out Tuesday to all users running version 16.0 or higher of Instagram.

Simply drag and drop the tool over the various colors in the photo or video to find the flawless one. Move the droplet around to select a color in the photo that you want to apply to your paintbrush or text. You can change this color if you end up not liking the one you choose, simply drag the dropped again and select another color until you find the flawless one.

Furthermore, the app now shows you if text or stickers can be viewed well by a third party. Depending on what you're moving around the photo and where, the line will either be horizontal or vertical.

To add a poll drag and drop a sticker to your Story and then you'll be presented with the tools to customize the question and choices.

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Instagram is also adding two new tools to enhance Story creation.

The alignment tool helps you visualize how stickers and text are positioned in your Story.

Instagram explains, "After you've shared your poll, your friends and followers can immediately start voting and see real-time results". There you'll find information on taking photos, videos and Boomerangs as well as editing them and adding text, drawings or stickers.

All the latest features are available now on Instagram's iPhone and Android apps.

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