Ryanair to CANCEL 400000 more flights

Sheri Evans
September 28, 2017

Another 400,000 Ryanair passengers are going to be told their flights are cancelled.

But because passengers are this time being given up to five weeks' notice of the cancellation, they will not receive any extra compensation under European Union passenger rules.

The troubled airline has confirmed it will remove 25 of its 400 planes from skies and will carry 2 million fewer passengers than it originally planned to in the year to March 2018 (129 million down from 131 million).

As a result, 34 routes are suspended for the winter season from November to March 2018.

Ryanair says slower growth creates lots of spare aircraft and crews across its 86 bases this winter.

"We have less than 400,000 customers booked on these flights and many of these flights have zero bookings at this time", a statement from Ryanair said.

Ryanair will also roster all of the extra pilot leave necessary in October, November and December to meet the IAA's requirement to complete a nine-month annual leave transition period (April to December 2017) so that Ryanair starts a new calendar leave year from January 1, 2018 with no backlog.

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"If you have not received an email from Ryanair today then you are among the 99% of customers whose flights will be unaffected by these changes", it says. Shares of Ryanair rose as much as 3 percent, the biggest gain since before news of the pilot crisis first emerged on September 15.

To help allow it to "eliminate all management distractions" the airline has also ended its interest in purchasing Italy's Alitalia.

It said that it has had to scale back its original forecast for passenger numbers in the year to March 2018 from 131m to 129m. but it said that it would not affect profitability.

Ryanair estimates that refunds and EU261 compensation costs will total under €25 million while an additional €25 million is expected to be incurred from the free flight vouchers.

The airline, which has 4,200 pilots, hit back against the likes of Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA over what it said were "false claims" about losing crew to rivals, saying just 100 captains and 160 first officers have left, mainly due to retirement and moves to long-haul operators.

Meanwhile Ryanair added that it will not pursue its previous interest in buying bankrupt airline Alitalia, stating that it had notified the Alitalia bankruptcy commissioners.

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