Apple CEO Says $1000 iPhone X Is 'A Value Price, Actually'

Kristen Gonzales
September 21, 2017

In India, it's even more expensive at ₹89,000 - or $1,383. Particularly since features like Face ID are still unproven as a replacement for Touch ID.

Instead, that's the iPhone X that will launch in November. "In one day we can make AR available for hundreds of millions of people".

The Portrait Lighting effect can be changed after a photo is taken, but the photo has to be taken in Portrait mode - you can't add a Portrait Lighting effect to a photo that was taken in the default camera mode. The same for the iPhone X is just 41.84%.

It's clearly not a topic that Cook was unprepared to face, as he doubled-down on the argument that you're paying for convergence.

"The 8s feel like a swan song - or, to put it another way, they represent Apple's platonic ideal of that first iPhone, an ultimate refinement before eternal retirement", Manjoo said, while complimenting the cameras and speedy processing power.

Apple has a tradition of launching a new iPhone every year - is it worth spending essentially a thousand dollars on a device that may be outdated in a year?

From the Camera app, swipe between modes until you land on Portrait.

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Matthew Panzarino focused on the iPhone 8 camera improvements in his review, hailing the feature for having no shutter lag and highly improved flash image quality.

Jain says it's conceivable that smartphones will eventually include sensors for face, iris, and fingerprint recognition-a rarity now.

But while Face ID has created a positive buzz, it has also generated security concerns.

Given that Apple did not provide an estimate for this update's release, this means that there is a chance that when the Apple Watch Series 3 is released, which is this Friday, some users could encounter the problem, but we guess at least the problem was caught before it was released, which gives Apple a couple more days to try and rectify it.

Apple has been hyping the more all-encompassing iPhone AR capability for a while, promoting specific partnerships like an IKEA app that allows users to virtually place furniture from the Swedish maker in the room around them, and a Major League Baseball app that hovers information and stats above players on the field in real time.

I love tech. But with prices like this, the average two-year upgrade cycles we once knew are about to quickly fade into the past.

The iPhone X was unveiled last week during the launch of Apple's latest smartphones, smartwatch and TV box in Cupertino, California.

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