Xbox One/Playstation 4 cross-platform play pops up in Fortnite

Herbert Rhodes
September 19, 2017

The cross-console connection became apparent because of a little-known naming convention between the two consoles: Microsoft's Xbox Live allows players to use spaces in their online handle, while Sony's PlayStation Network does not.

Back at E3, Eurogamer interviewed both Microsoft and Sony about cross-network play, following the announcement Minecraft and Rocket League would link up on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Now, Fortnite developer Epic Games says that feature was actually a bug, which the studio is referring to as a "configuration issue" that it says it has fixed.

Originally reported by Reddit user PRE_-CISION-_, the Fortnite player was simply playing the game on PlayStation 4 when he noticed he got killed by a user named zCypher Nine.

It was effectively the first time in which cross-play between the two platforms was enabled in a publicly released game.

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After this news came to light, many other threads started popping up on the official subReddit, confirming similar encounters. He booted up his Xbox One and typed it in there, "for the hell of it", he said. It was a charming picture, but raised a lot of questions among the community-why wasn't this great feature announced? "We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected", is what Epic stated, meaning this issue wasn't an act of defiance or anything malicious.

As evidence mounted, another example of an Xbox gamertag in a PS4 game popped up.

We're all well aware of Sony's isolationist stance on cross-network multiplayer, but to bring people up to speed, I'll quickly reiterate it. Sony doesn't want their consoles playing with other consoles due to a lack of control over the users.

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